College Football Playoffs

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So with all the conference realignments and teams jumping around like the hot slut at a club, all NCAA fans know that super conferences are coming. The question is when and how will it work. So I came up with my own fantastical ideal of how things should go. I don’t think the NCAA big wigs will take this into consideration especially since Division 1A college football has existed there has been no playoff system. It would finally be nice to crown a real FBS champion for a change.

The Playoff Formula

Rose Bowl Tournament

Sugar Bowl Tourament

Pac Division SEC Division
Stanford (Champ #3) LSU (Champ #1)
Houston (At Large #6) Kansas State (At Large #8)
Big North Division C-USA Division
Penn St. (Champ #6) Southern Miss (Champ #7)
Oregon (At Large #3) Oklahoma (At Large #2)


Fiesta Bowl Tournament

Orange Bowl Tournament

Big South Division ACC Division
Oklahoma St. (Champ #2) Clemson (Champ #5)
South Carolina (At Large #7) Arkansas (At Large #4)
WAC Division Big East Division
Boise St. (Champ #4) Notre Dame (Champ #8)
Virgina Tech (At Large #5) Alabama (At Large #1)


My cheat sheet. Might not be safe at work

Keep it simple: 16 teams will have a chance to play for the FBS championship. However, to make a playoff formula work, there needs to be some sort of organization so every team has a fair chance. In my design, I have created 8 super conferences that I will go into later detail later. Each conference will have a 4 team conference championship tournament consisting of the 4 division winners. The conference champions will get an automatic bid to the playoffs. The other 8 teams will be at large bids going to the highest ranked non championship teams. The 4 big bowl games will host the playoff games in tournament play. The same system as the current BCS (which is AP, coaches, and computer polls for you non’s out there) will determine the first round seeding. Teams are matched up in tournaments based on the 4 big bowl games. For example, Pac 16 (formally Pac 12) champ host a game and Big North (formally Big 10) will host a game. Winner of these games will meet in the Rose bowl. Same will apply for the other 3 bowl games. Now I know what you SEC honks are thinking right now… “Well dag gone, that ain’t fare ’cause the sevinf (7th) best team in the S-E-C can beat any reefer smokin’, loosin dere virginity on a stack of Ms. Pac Man t-shirts at Urbin Outfitters Pac -10 team (in my Ted Turner voice). Well, if you think about it, this is the best set up for everyone because teams that have been left out like Boise St. will get a shot to finally play, but conferences like the SEC can send 3 to 4 at large bids to the playoffs if their teams are ranked high enough. It’s better than the alternative of everyone getting screwed like the system we have now. “But what about the other bowl games?” Play em’. Why the fuck not. All the other bowl games in the current system are meaningless anyway except the BCS Championship Game. If you wanna put Troy and San Jose St. in the Charlie Brown Bowl you can do that. Go ahead and fill the other 30 bowls with teams 17-77 and lets all have a craptastic time. Set up an NIT like in college basketball. As long as we get a college playoff, people will be happy and schools can make lots of money. Everyone wins.

Conference Set Up

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Now you might asking yourself, “How will the conferences be set up?” Well there is a lot of changes as you might have guessed. I included all the proposed movement like Syracuse and Pitt moving to the ACC, Texas A&M and Mizzou moving to the SEC, and TCU moving to the Big East. I made 8 conferences with 16 teams. That equals 128 teams. Last time I checked there were 120 FBS teams, so I had to recruit some FCS teams to play with the big boys. Added teams based on location, FCS ranking, and college salience. The new conferences are the Pac 16, Big East, SEC, ACC, C-USA, WAC, Big North, and Big South. Click Here or click on the map to see how I set up the 8 super conferences.


With so many changes conferences and so many teams in conferences now, how many games will be played in a season and how will rivalries be upheld? Every conference will be broken up into 4 divisions. Conference heads can call the divisions whatever they want; Legends, Leaders, Communist, Prostitutes, it doesn’t matter, but for the sake of this example, I will make everything north, south, east and west. Every team will play 10 regular season games, 7 games within the conference which leaves 3 games to do whatever you want with. In the 7 conference games, each team will play 3 games against other teams in their division and 4 teams against other teams in their conference on a yearly rotating schedule. For example, the Florida Gators who are in the SEC East Division would play the 3 teams in their division every year and play the SEC North, the SEC South, and the SEC West in years 1, 2, and 3 respectively. This is a simplistic form of what the NFL does in their scheduling and we all know successful that is. It’s a win for fans, a win for college athletics, it’s a win for sponsors, and it’s a win for the kids playing the game. Make it happen.

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