Fixing Madden 13

maddenEA has had the monopoly on video game football for about 6 years now and have done absolutely nothing with it. Madden has been a disappointment since reaching the PS3 and 360. Not that EA will listen, but here is some unsolicited advice on how to make a crap game less crappy.

Player Personality

Players have personalities. Players like Ndamukong Suh is a mauler. Tim Tebow is streaky and Aarom Rodgers is as smooth as silk. I know they have team role in 12, but adding personalities like prima donna, hot head, laid back, etc. It would be cool to see players like James Harrison get more personal foul penalties and players like Chad Ochcinco stats decline because he is not the #1 wide receiver.

Player Skillset


That's a fake moustache!!!

Wes Welker is a product of his offensive system. Welker would suck if he didn’t play for the Patroits or in a Patroit-esque system. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Calvin Johnson wouldn’t necessary thrive as a slot guy catching short passes and running after the catch. Players height, size, awareness, college system, and pro system would affect player ratings. Player skillsets will complement of be a detriment to each other. Cam Newton’s down the field passing works well with Steve Smith’s vertical speed. On the flip side, Reggie Bush doesn’t do as well with whatever QB they have in Miami throwing him the ball. This will play a big part in free agency and drafting players. Madden players could find more steals in the draft that way as well. Draft undersized linebackers and move them to safety. How fun would that be?


You're getting fired

Coaching philosophy

One thing that we have found out this season so far is that Nnamdi Asomugha can’t play zone defense. The Eagles defense as a whole has done shitty because they don’t have right personnel for the defense they are trying to run. The Lions run the same “Wide 9” defense as the Eagles and they are having success because their linebackers don’t suck and their secondary plays better zone coverage. Tim Tebow would probably rock out a spread offense. Put him in a pro style and he can’t even be the back up by himself. As Madden players get to the off-season, they will have to decide who will run their team. Coaches and coordinators will bring there playbooks, attitude and play style to a team. Some coaches won’t mix well with players. Adrian Peterson would not fit well in a Mike Martz system. Tom Brady probably wouldn’t respond well to a coach like Rex Ryan. It would even work with drafting players. You wouldn’t draft Andrew Luck and put him in a conservative offense.

Custom Training


Remember when Madden was supposed to look like this? Click on the link for video

In real football, teams get better as the season goes on. Not in Madden 12. You have to buy those or wait to the end of the season to see what the computer gives you. Older Maddens had player progression throughout the season. Games like NBA 2K give users points to use during the season to increase player abilities. Users would love to be in control of what how good their players are. It’s cool that Madden 12 allows people to adjust player ratings and they should keep that option. But some users want the ability to earn those ratings. They want to train the players themselves or at least have an allotted amount of points to spend per user team. It adds strategy to the game. Off-season will see automatic player progression or declination, but players will have the ability to improve players with off season drills to add more fun during the off-season. It would be great if you could work the Madden virtual training into actual training. While players are upgrading their own players, CPU players will also get better and you can see that through a fake twitter feed or something.

Add Some Realism

In football, a few things happen that don’t really happen in Madden. Players get worn out during the season. Free agents and players coming off of injury are fresher. Play gets more crisp as the season progresses. Players lose their jobs when slumping. Players get more time when playing well. Coaches and GM’s get fired during the season. There are more situational players than 3rd down backs. Fans get loud on third down and will boo or chant for the back up QB on a losing team. NFL football is all about presentation. Madden has the worst presentation of all the sports games. Just sayin’.

Prime Time!


Madden could use some Prime Time

Speaking of presentation, the NFL has all of these colorful analyst breaking down everything that happens in football. Deion Sanders, Howie Long, Shannon Sharpe, Chuckie, Mike Florio, etc. In Madden 11 you had some lame “Extra Point” with Alex and Fran (Fran being the guy and Alex being the woman). That was a failure. Back in 06 you had Tony Bruno who I think did an excellent job. EA bought the ESPN rights a long time ago and have not used a single thing from the purchase. The college game has done a much better job in this aspect. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement this, but it would be awesome seeing Deion’s Prime Time picks week to week. Add some news during the week for what’s happening league wide in the franchise. What I’m trying to tell you EA is to put some sauce on it.


Falco is the only man holier than Tebow. Don't believe me... Click on pic for the truth.

More Stats

Shows and websites have obsessed over the NFL and it’s stats in recent years and Madden still has the bare bone stats. What’s the point in playing franchise mode if it’s not for stats? The NBA 2K series has metric stats featuring PER (Player Efficiency Ratings) among others. ESPN has created (or stolen) the “Total Quarterback Rating” or “QBR” (don’t ask me why the acronym is all fucked up). Defensive linemen bat balls, cause holding penalties, and get QB hits and QB pressures. Defensive backs get forced incompletions and times targeted. This would not only please stat happy fans but if Madden were to incorporate this into the progression of players throughout the season that would really make fans forget that the product on field is shit.

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