How Mass Effect 3 Should Have Ended

So people are bitching about the end of Mass Effect 3. I just beat the game and I do understand where all the bitchees stand. After investing sometimes more than 300 hours into a single franchise, people wanted more than the cardboard cutout ending BioWare provided. I don’t understand why the lot of you nerds are holding up pitchforks, plastic lightsabers, and fake Master Chief energy swords and going full retard on BioWare. Yes, all the endings were generic to a point and yes, you want to know more about what happened between Garrus and Tali, but there is no reason that for the past month all I see is incessant bitching from you nerds that took one Mountain Dew shot to the head and one sat all 40+ hours of this game just so you could spend the next 25 days taking blogs, forums, and YouTube hostage with your unique brand of nerdtastic douchebagery.

In my opinion, the end of the game is shallow. The set up for the endings are great. There is a lot of potential with the creators and the different ends to the decision you make. But those endings are all pretty much cardboard cutouts of each other. Here is what I would have done differently, not that anybody has asked me to but I am an idiot with a blog which means that I can talk about whatever I want. If you wanna read the crap that is splattered on this page it’s your decision.

First, Explain More about the Creators

Who is this weird ghost kid that look surprisingly similar to a human? Was he ever alive? Is the little kid that is the Catalyst just a projection of Shepard’s imagination or some kind of advanced VI trick by the Reapers? IDK! He didn’t  say anything except something about being a part of the Citadel and that organics would rebel against the creators. Thanks a lot kid!

I do not... understand... the words coming out of your mouth

What I would do is make the kid, the Catalyst or whatever he is a representative of previous cycles that have passed. Shepard can ask the Catalyst with his/her nifty conversation wheel some form of question as to where or how the cycles that have passed exist. The Catalyst will then tell Shepard that all life that has passed now exist in the beyond, watching over sapient life much like a guardian angel (as the Catalyst is explaining this, you see many ghosts that look like the Catalyst projection. You will see all the characters that have died in every Mass Effect game through your play through as a ghost in this cut scene). Their efforts are to guide sapient beings through existence, even if from time to time they must interfere. The Catalyst says they cannot directly control sapient life so they take over advanced synthetics and take over organic’s electrical impulses that interpret information which allow organics to become indoctrinated (Shepard can then ask about why they didn’t just take over the Geth which will lead the Catalyst to explain that the organics of this cycle created the Geth so they cannot control the Geth because they were created by the Quarians. The reason for their use of the Reapers is because they were outer galaxy VI fleet remains from a few cycles ago from what “your cycle calls the Rachni”). Shepard then asks why the Reapers harvest all sapient life. The Catalyst will tell Shepard that they harvest life to preserve it. If the Reapers didn’t harvest sapient life, it could be lost forever. The Catalyst then uses the Batarians as an example and how their numbers are close to extinction and if their race had not been harvested, their race could be lost forever. The Catalyst then goes on to tells Shepard that he is NOT the only sentient being to reach this point of the Citadel nor are they the first cycle to have the option of choosing their fate. The Catalyst will then tell you that at the end of the previous cycle, a Prothean representative decided on behalf of their cycle that their time was at an end and for the Reapers to finish the purge on their cycle (If users unlock Javik, they can say Javik’s story differs from what the Catalyst is saying which will prompt the Catalyst to answer back with “the organic you know as Javik was not aware of the decision made on behalf of his cycle. The Crucible was indeed completed but it was decided not to be used and the schematics for the Crucible were to be left for the next cycle when their time comes”). The Catalyst then says it will give Shepard the same choices that it gave all other cycles before him:

Number 1 – Let the Reaper Continue Their Purge

Damn. If you choose this, your a dick

The Catalyst will tell Shepard that he can allow the purge to continue. If this option is chosen, 99% of the galaxies population will be wiped out. The Quarians, Asari, and Salarians will all be completely wiped out due to their advancements in the galaxy. Only a random selection of humans, batarians, turians and the other races will be left to start anew. Shepard and a small group of his choosing that are allowed to remain will be spared if he/she so chooses. The following cut scene will show the Crucible being destroyed and the Reapers continued annihilation of all the worlds. Shepard will have the option to warn Liara and Tali of their fate, however because of the decision Shepard has made, he cannot take them aboard the Normandy to escape the Reaper wrath. Shepard, Joker, EDI, Ashley/Kaiden, James, Anderson and Javik will fly away to a safe location aboard the Normandy provided they are all alive. Users can also choose to be selfish and only save themselves or to sacrifice everyone including themselves. At the end of the scene if you chose to take anyone with you, Shepard will have to talk down an angry crew on a beach of a new world on why he allowed the Reapers to win. If Shepard goes on his own, Shepard will be standing on the beach on his own staring into the sunset. If Shepard sacrifices everyone, then Anderson will take Shepard’s place on the beach.

Number 2 – Destroy the Reapers and All Synthetic Life

This EDI won't be cumming to the party

Shepard can choose to destroy the Reapers with all synthetic life being destroyed with it, EDI and the Geth included. The Catalyst will caution Shepard that if he chooses this, the Krogan will soon begin a war within his lifetime that will cause the other races to create a massive black hole to stop them if he/she chose to cure the genophage. If the genophage was not cured, then the Krogan will ally with the Turians and cause the war. The black hole will slowly encompassing the Milky Way and all life on it. The player can tell the the Catalyst to have hope in the decisions that sapient life will make or that none of that concerns him right now, he just needs the Reapers destroyed and he will cross that bridge when it comes. The following cut scene will show the Reapers falling out the sky and the decommissioning of the Geth and EDI next to Joker as they are going to pick up the survivors on the Citadel. If the player’s Shepard has enough renegade/paragon points he/she can save themselves and Anderson. The Normandy will pick them up before the Citadel blows up. Shepard will return back to Earth as a legend. He will address the galaxy of the feat they just accomplished. Shepard will also have a few options of how to address the warning he heard from the Catalyst about the war including paragon and renegade option that won’t be available if said point aren’t high enough (if Shepard is dead, Anderson or Hackett will make the speech without warning of the a Krogan revolt). The final scene will be either Shepard celebrating with his remaining living crew members both current and from former games or those former crew members standing in respect toward a larger than life holographic Shepard.

Number 3 – Shepard Sacrifices Himself/Herself and Becomes a Part of the Citadel

Legion is the shit!

Shepard can choose to sacrifices himself and become one with the Citadel like the Catalyst. When Shepard sacrifices himself/herself, Shepard can choose to destroy the Reapers or to just pull the Reapers out and send them back to dark space. If Shepard chooses destroy the Reapers, he will be advised of the possible Krogan (if the genophage is cured) or Krogan/Turian (genophage not cured) uprising and that if the Reapers are destroyed, the black hole will wipe out the galaxy. If Shepard continues with this decision, he will have the conversation options that sapient life must have free will and whatever decisions that they make are their own to live with, or that he/she believes in sapient life and that they will make the correct decisions. The final cut scene will show either the Reaper destruction as ordered by Shepard or the Reapers retreating to dark space. Remaining sapient life will celebrate on Earth. Either Anderson (if alive) or Hackett will make a speech speaking of the bravery of Commander Shepard while living members of your crew past and present remember you. During a formal remembrance of fallen allies on the Quarian home world, Shepard introduces himself to his living crew inside the body of Legion. Whoever your love interest is will immediately recognize your personality and run to you. If they died during the game, Joker will recognize you and limp over to as the rest of your crew follows.

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