NBA 2011-2012 Season Prediction


I bet everyone in NY forgot about Melo bitch slapping Jerrod Jefferies and back peddling.

Miami Heat (58-8) – Heat year 2 will be better than year one that lost in the Finals. They have more chemistry and they have better roll players in one Shane Battier. The Heat are good enough to overcome Lebron’s anxiety problems. However overcoming his hair line is another story.
Trade Bait: Mike Miller was trade bait last year but he didn’t get traded. Shane Battier almost assures he gets traded.

Chicago Bulls (52-18) – Rip will be a shell of his former self but that shell is still 10x more offense than Ronnie Brewer. D Rose will still be  Rose but they can’t hang with the Heat year 2.
Trade Bait: Carlos Boozer if any team will want him. The Bulls won’t at some point soon.

New York Knicks (43-23) – This is the start of the elite for the east. They got size in the middle and they have Melo for a full year. The longer the season goes, the better they will get.
Trade Bait: Nobody that anyone really cares about. New York doesn’t really have much to deal unless the team sucks and then Landry Fields will be on all teams want list.

Atlanta Hawks (37-29) – This team is possibly deeper than last year. They lost Crawford but they added some vets in McGrady and Stackhouse. That mixed with a focus Josh Smith and this team will be able to lose to the #1 seed in the 2nd round all over again.
Trade Bait: Zaza will interest teams if one of their big men go down.

The last of fun times at Amway or any Orlando based sports arean.

Philadelphia 76ers (35-31) – This team is gritty and deep. They are solid at all positions. Expect big things from Evan Turner this year.
Trade Bait: Speights, Brackins, and Nocioni will be on the blocks if this team is looking for a get me over. They will be looking for another vet type player to get them over. Would love to see Tayshawn here.

Boston Celtics (34-32) – This team is old and they are not deep like they used to be. But they will do enough to go to the playoffs. Ainge will be on the bubble the whole season and will be talking to GM’s like BFFs all the way to the trade deadline.
Trade Bait: Everyone but Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. That included Allen and Rondo. Ainge will sell his soul if he still had one.

Indiana Pacers (32-34) – There is one thing I don’t like about teams like the Pacers. They stay so mediocre for so long that they never get that star player that they need. They picked up some pieces but they won’t win any championships with this roster.
Trade Bait: Don’t see them trading anyone unless the team just implodes. If they do implode, look for Granger to be the first to go.

D Rose, you need some tips from Dwade... or this guy....

Milwaukee Bucks (30-36) – This team will be as good as Andrew Boget’s health and Stephen Jackson’s interest in playing. If all is a go then this team playoff bound.
Trade Bait: Stephen Jackson if he gets out of line. If he messes with the chemistry of that team, Skilles will ask for his dismissal which essentially could lead to his dismissal.

Washington Wizards (28-38) – This teams looks scary. They are crazy athletic and they have some pieces that looks good with their shiny new unies.
Trade Bait: I would say that Rashad Lewis would be trade bait but that would be the dumbest thing in the world for a team to take on that contract. Can you say, AMNESTY?

Orlando Magic (26-40) – The sooner Dwight is gone the better. This will be better without Dwight than with him because minus Dwight, this is the highest priced group of losers since the 2004 Olympic team.
Trade Bait: Ummm…. Dwight Howard. Question is who will he bring along with him.

New Jersey Nets (23- 43) – Turkish 1st ballet HOFer Deron Williams looks primed to show the league that he is the best PG in the league. Problem is that Brook Lopez is hurt, Dwight isn’t coming to town anytime soon if at all, and they are not in Brooklyn yet.

Trade Bait: As soon as Brook Lopez is healthy he is on the first bus to Orlando. Problem is, he might not be healthy before the trade deadline.

Detroit Pistons (21- 45) – This team has some young talent. Greg Monroe will be a top flight big man and Brandon Knight will be a candidate for ROY. Too bad the rest of blows for the most part.
Trade Bait: Stuckey. Odd man out on a team with too many point guards. And in a league with too many point guards, there aren’t many options. Sorry dude. Your ass is outta luck. Tayshawn if they get a good deal for him.

Cleveland Cavaliers (12-54) – Kyrie Irving should than Greg Oden for ensuring that he is not the biggest number one bust in recent memory.
Trade Bait: The old guys Jamison and Anthony Parker. Jamison could end up in Orlando for the Magic to keep Howard just for Howard to leave and then he’ll be on another star destroyed team.

Toronto Raptors (9-57) – Have you looked at this roster? I would take the Fylnt Tropics roster over this one. In all seriousness. This team sucks monkey balls. Ed Davis has potential and Demarr DeRozen can finally prove that he can be a decent bench player on some other team at some point.
Trade Bait: About everyone except DeRozen and Davis. Calderon will be the first to.

Charlotte Bobcats (8-58) – The best player in the Bobcat organization for the 2011-12 season is 48 year old Michael Jordan. It’s sad that fans are more excited about retro Jordan’s than the team he owns. Kemba Walker will be exciting but the only one watching will be the towel boy.
Trade Bait: Najera and Diaw would be first to go with Tyrus Thomas being available for the right price. But then again, Jordan is too stupid to do anything that makes the team better. I would be surprised if he traded his 1st round pick for Kwame Brown back.


KD can stick to jumpers instead of awkward pass routes

Oklahoma City Thunder (55-11) – OKC is on top because of the fall of teams like the Spurs and Lakers. Doesn’t mean they are not good. Perk slimmed down and now looks like Pez dispenser, and Harden is still rocking the beard. If Scottie Brooks can keep them in check and not melt down himself, they are ready to be elite now.
Trade Bait: OKC is home grown and they won’t make any crazy deals. Only if injuries happen will this team even think about getting in the trade mix.

San Antonio Spurs (48-18) – Spurs are a good regular season team. Well coached and they have vets that can close out games. But they are old and lost size up top. They will hang but they will fade near the end.
Trade Bait: Richard Jefferson if anyone will have him. Since no one will, they leaves the young players. Wouldn’t be surprised if they trade Kawhi Leonard for some more big man help.

Los Angeles Clippers (47-19) – Once the Clippers made the trade I was skeptical. CP3 is good but was he worth all that. Well the Clippers front office knew more than me because the real steals were Chauncey and Caron. They have looked awesome so far and with this stellar starting line up and deep bench, the Clips are gonna take over the Pacific, maybe the west, and possibly even Jack Nicholson.
Trade Bait: Seriously, do the Clippers even need to do more. Maybe they can trade Mo Williams for even more goodies but that’s just being greedy.

Memphis Grizzles (45-21) – Grizz just picked up Quincy Pondexter for Grevis Vasquez. They have Rudy Gay back. They have established themselves as a power in the west. Look for this team to make noise.
Trade Bait: Rudy Gay will be on the block if he doesn’t fit being option #2. Randolph is the man now and if Gay messes with that formula he will be gone.

I hope the Kardashians invade Texas and never leave.

Dallas Mavericks (42-24) – Mavs got Lamar Odom, Vince Carter, and Delonte “Donuts” West. But they lost Barea, Caron Butler, and Tyson Chandler. That last one will really hurt because they will be weaken significantly on D.
Trade Bait: With Cubes running the show, all the Mavs except Dirk are on the wire. I think a deal will happen this year because they will not be start strong.

Los Angeles Lakers (39-27) – First of all, I hate the Lakers. But they did get screwed in that CP3 deal. However they just gave Lamar up for basically pumpkin pie and that’s no ones fault but their own. Kobe is hurt and Bynum is out for the first 5 games. It will be real interesting to see what the Lakers can do this season. Will Dwight come to LA? What will they give up to get him? And don’t forget that they switched from Phil Jackson to Mike Brown. It’s gonna be a fun season for the Lakers… at least for me.
Trade Bait: Bynum and Gasol. More Gasol than Bynum because Jim Buss loves him some Andrew Bynum. Lakers have the most to offer for Dwight but he may not want to go there because he knows that this team sucks minus him and Kobe.

Golden State Warriors (35-31) – Warriors are gonna produce lots of points. They won’t stop anybody but they sure will be fun to watch. Maybe Mark Jackson will teach then to keep their hands up because we all know “Hand down, Man down.”
Trade Bait: It’s always Steph Curry or Monta Ellis. Since Ellis can’t seem to his hands to himself they may move him.

Portland Trailblazers (34-32) – Blazers have bad luck. Roy retired because of bad knees and Oden should retire because he is really 40 years old. They still have the most underrated player in LaMarcus Aldridge and a solid team behind him.
Trade Bait: No trades here unless they can get something big. Raymond Felton will be the first to go if that’s the case.

Minnesota Timberwolves (33-33) – Let’s see… Your main 5 is Rubio, Wes Johnson, Beasely, Derrick Williams, and Kevin Love. After than they aren’t half bad either. And they have a chip on their shoulder with making sure that they keep the Hornets from getting the #1 overall pick with their boneheaded trade they made 5 years ago to the Clippers.
Trade Bait: If this team makes a run at it, look for this team to trade one or more of their young pieces for a vet that can teach them how to win.

Denver Nuggets (30-36) – Nene is back. JR Smith, KMart, and and Wilson Chandler are not. They still have some talent but not enough to compete like they did last year.
Trade Bait: Andre Miller and his expiring contract and Al Harrington because everyone tries to get rid of him.

Lob City is the dumbest name ever. But it will be fun to watch.

Phoenix Suns (28-38) – Suns will be interesting because things will either be a cozy boring ride to mediocrity or a complete train wreck. Nash is old. Hill is old, the rest of the team would be good competition for the current Kentucky Wildcats.
Trade Bait: Suns will try to make one more run out of it. If they are smart, they’d trade as much as they can now and get in on this lucrative draft class. Nash to the Knicks makes too much since.

Sacramento Kings (27-39) – The Kings are on the upswing. Tyreke Evans is healthy now and Cousins will be a dominate center because there are literally none left.
Trade Bait: Only John Salmons because he’s always trade bait. No one else really screams come get me that the Kings will be willing to give up.

Houston Rockets (25-41) – Hard to see this team trying hard when they tried to blow up before the beginning of the season and probably throughout. Unless Dwight ends up here and that won’t even happen in NBA 2K11.
Trade Bait: Fun time being in Houston because you will not recognize the team come late February. Scola, Martin, and maybe Lawry are up for grabs. Rockets need to just tank a season and get some young help in this draft.

New Orleans Hornets (18-48) – This team looks good on paper with Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman but too bad they won’t care. Both will hope to be gone by next year but knowing Stern, he’ll hold Gordon hostage because he’s mean like that.
Trade Bait: Dell Demps is auditioning for a real GM job so he’ll be searching for a way to get the Hornets all 13 lottery picks.  Everyone is on the block.

Utah Jazz (16-50) – The bottom of the west isn’t as bad as the east bottom dwellers. Doesn’t matter to people in Utah because the Jazz are still gonna suck ass.
Trade Bait: Already traded Okur for a 2nd rounder. Everyone over 25 is basically up for grabs. Al Jefferson is #1 on the list.


East First Round

1 Heat over 8 Bucks 4-1

2 Bulls over  7 Pacers 4-3

6 Celtics over 3 Knicks 4-3

5 76ers over 4 Hawks 4-2

East Semi Finals

1 Heat over 5 76ers 4-2

6 Celtics over Bulls 4-3

East Finals

1 Heat over Celtics 4-1

West First Round

1 Thunder over 8 Blazers 4-2

2 Spurs over Warriors 4-2

3 Clippers over 6 Lakers

4 Grizzles over 5 Mavericks 4-3

West Semi Finals

1 Thunder over 4 Grizzles 4-3

3 Clippers over 2 Spurs 4-1

West Finals

1 Thunder over 3 Clippers 4-2

NBA Finals

Heat over Thunder 4-2

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