NFL Monopoly Crap

What do you think about when you think of the NFL other than a bunch of dudes in tights hitting each other and giving each other concussions? It’s the ultimate TEAM sport. It’s the ultimate COMPETITION. So why in the blue hell does do the NFL have exclusive deals with EA sports and Directv denying the very thing that the game supposedly promotes?


Imagine how good this would look in HD?

For those of you not in the know, let me break it down for you, first from the video game stand point. Madden NFL football is the brand name of NFL video game football for those of you that have lived the remote jungles of the Philippines for most of your life. As you know now, Madden has been the only NFL game in town since 2005. Before that, any and every game maker could shell the exuberant fee to the NFL and NFLPA to use player likenesses and NFL brands in the game. In 2004, Sega came up with an excellent guerrilla marketing campaign to sell their high rated, well respected NFL 2K5 for $20 when games including rival Madden were selling for $50. It doesn’t take rocket science to say that this move cut into Madden’s fan base and caused EA to sell Madden 05 for less than their standard $50. Many Madden fans, enticed by over by the $20 price tag then the surprisingly good game play were set to make the move over to the 2K bandwagon. So EA, instead of infusing talent in there studio, they go to the big fish at the NFL and buy an exclusive contract to weed out other talented game makers so they could put out sub mediocre shit for $50/$60 with no fear of competition and no fear of NFL sheep not coming in droves to buy the only licenced NFL digital piece of crap that they could get.

NFL Analogy of Madden Exclusive: It’s like the Detroit Lions beating the heavily favored Dallas Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl. In turn, the Cowboys with no fear of salary cap (because there is no salary cap in business) steal Calvin Johnson, Ndamakong Suh, and Matt Stafford for a half billion dollars and send Tony Romo to the AFL where he belongs.


Imagine having options other than crappy Directv

From the cable/satellite stand point, Directv has had the exclusive rights to distribute the NFL and every Sunday game. What other cable company wouldn’t want to get there hands on that? Well Directv ponies up $700 mil a year to get raped by the NFL and Sunday Ticket exclusively. Think about how much more money the NFL could get if they let… idk… AT&T, Time Warner, etc., to get in on that. Last time i checked, 3x$300 million dollars is more than a $700 million a year exclusive. In other countries, the NFL has several cable providers in other countries because they know they can’t get Sky Blue to get raped for $700 mil a year in Mexico and the UK because only 100 people give a shit in those regions.

NFL Analogy of Directv Exclusive: It’s like setting up an event something like the Super Bowl with Marvin Gaye back from the dead to sing the National Anthem and Michael Jackson with a funny Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson to perform “Remember the Time” at halftime just to watch the Aaron Rodgers play catch with Andre Johnson and “Gronk.”

In closing, the NFL is a bullshit ass league. They promote competition and fair play within their league but because their executives don’t want to lift their lazy ass fingers to do a lick of work, they take away what NFL football and what America should represent… Competition.

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