NFL Offseason Predictions

A lot of us have seen all the updates from the most worthless piece of crap on the NFL channel being the scouting combine (which reminds me of horny Greek philosophers looking up the toga of young Olympic hopefuls) and I find myself watching this in utter shock as to how this is entertaining. But it did remind me that, yes, the best part of the NFL season (other than your team winning the Super Bowl) is coming soon and that is the free agency and draft section of the NFL off season.

So here is a team by team break down for what makes logical sense for what each team should do through draft and free agency. I will also give you what the so called experts and team execs are thinking with their deluded, brain washed minds. But before I get started, here are some predictions for some hot topics for the 2012 NFL off-season:

peyton-manning-free-agentPeyton Manning and the Blue Suede Crew – Whereever Manning ends up, He’s bringing a crew with him. Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, maybe even Jeff Saturday and Pierre Garcon will be in tow. So whoever gets Manning will get a king’s ransom of vets willing to win right now. It all depends if Manning can still throw the ball.

Terrell Owens will not be back in the league – It’s sad how it ended even though he hasn’t been a easy guy to root for. I think he has the talent to continue but he burned too many bridges and he is too old for someone to take that chance. He’d be a HOF’er if he didn’t go emo all the time.

Many top interior O-linemen will be moving – Grubbs (Ravens) and Nicks are the top tier guys here but there are many top centers available as well. Wells (Packers), Myers (Texans), Birk (Ravens), Satele (Raiders), Saturday (Colts), and Koppen (Patriots) will be moving to new team whether it be on the field or in the booth in Saturday’s case.

Anyway on to the team by team break down.

Buffalo Bills
What they Should Do – Taking care of Stevie Johnson was big.Now they need another weapon for Fitzpatrick. Vince Jackson would be good for this team. But I’d try top build that defense first through the draft with Luke Kuechly at MLB and get one of those mid level D-end like John Abraham.
What they Will Do – They are going to try their damnest to draft Quinton Couples or Melvin Ingram and they will get one of the two. They will get Vincent Jackson because they have cap room and no one else wants him.

Miami Dolphins
What they Should Do – If I’m the GM here, I get Jason Cambell or a jettisoned Kevin Kolb to play QB for me. He was having a decent season with crappy receivers in Oakland before he got hurt. Then I break the bank on Mario Williams. Imagine If they had Cameron Wake and Williams coming off the edge.
What they Will Do – Sign Matt Flynn because the owner is stupid. Dolphins will end up in the same boat that the Cards are in with Kolb… in Nowhereland.

New England Patriots
What they Should Do – Since they can’t get Randy Moss, I’d go after Stephen Hill. He’s the closest thing to a Randy Moss you are going to get. I’d also go after Reggie Nelson, Nate Clemons and Manny Lawson. Pats do good with washed up vets and they will be cheaper than big talent.
What they Will Do – I think they will trade out of the first round and draft a bunch of Florida players. Brandon Lloyd will also come over for cheap because he has a man crush on Josh McDaniels. Then he will find out like Ochocinco did that Brady can’t throw to possession receivers because he’s not talented… the system is.

New York Jets
What they Should Do – The Jets should draft LaMichael James and Mark Barron. These two would be game changers. I’d also try out Vince Young because why not. If anything, it will make Mark Sanchez better.
What they Will Do – They will go after some big name receiver. I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought back Braylon Edwards. They will also go after some bigger in name than talent pass rusher if any more are available. Also heard reports of Chad Henne going here. Not a bad choice even if it is irrelevant.

Baltimore Ravens
What they Should Do – They need to get Ray Lewis’ successor. Dont’a Hightower is in their range. Trade up if possible to get him. He could play right now right next to Lewis and their MLB tandem can look like the 49ers tandem. Also, Eddie Royal and Vishante Shaincoe would be great pick ups in free agency. Royal can play the slot and Shaincoe will add the 2nd TE on the cheap.
What they Will Do – The Ravens will do what they always do and that’s wait and see what the draft brings. They need ILB, OLB, and OT help. They will not move up and take the best player available and add a FA receiver on the cheap like Steve Smith which is not a good fit for them.

Cincinnati Bengals
What they Should Do – They have the best situation, even better than the Browns because they have 2 first round picks with no crazy need for any big time talent. What I would do if I were them would be to trade up to get Morris Claiborne. He will be the next shut down corner in the league. Find replacements for your FA’s on the cheap on D and get a 2-3 round back like Doug Martin and you are ready to go.
What they Will Do – Any player than you have heard off the field issues. Vontaze Burfict, Michael Floyd, Janoris Jenkins will be on top of your leader board.

Cleveland Browns
What they Should Do – Since they didn’t want to pony up the picks for RGIII, they have decisions. I’d go after Mario Williams. He’d make the Browns one of the scariest defensive teams in the league. I’d take Weeden in the 2nd round and Blackmon with their first round pick.
What they Will Do – Browns are like a penny pinching rich old lady. They said they don’t want to get into the Mario Williams sweepstakes and they didn’t want to spend on RGIII and were willing to take Tanenhill. They will try to build their team through the draft and their own FAs They will resign Hillis on the cheap and get some players that you have never heard. The Browns will be a mediocre team with decent players because they lack that playmaker that most teams have whether it is offensive or defensive. Damn Cleveland. Be spontaneous for once in your life.

Pittsburgh Steelers
What they Should Do – Steelers are old. And not just in age but in contracts. They are broke and need some relief and R-O-L-A-I-D-S ain’t helping here. I say let Mike Wallace walk, get a first round pick for him, then pick up cheap FA’s like Steve Smith, Braylon Edwards, or dare I say Terrell Owens.
What they Will Do – I think they will find a way to sign Mike Wallace. They have given up some defensive talent that they will not be able to replace but they will have a good passing game.

Houston Texans
What they Should Do – I would take a page out of the Patroits book and try to trade out of the 1st round and get a couple 2nd or 3rd rounders. They are pretty strapped for cash as well. I would be looking for a situational pass rusher to replace Mario Williams and a field spreading receiver like Stephen Hill.
What they Will Do – They won’t do much. They will stay on the status quo and take the best pass catcher available like TE Coby Fleener or WR Mohamed Sanu.

Indianapolis Colts
What they Should Do – Clean house. I don’t understand why they resigned Robert Mathis. Get rid of anyone over 30 that’s a free agent. Keep Pierre Garcon so Andrew Luck will have someone half competent to throw to. Also draft a TE for him to throw to because he likes TE’s. His buddy Fleener might be here at #33
What they Will Do – You know Manning and the other FA’s are gone with the exception of Mathis. And with Mathis’ contract, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dwight Freeney would be on the trade block.

Jacksonville Jaguars
What they Should Do – If you can, trade down, you need help on both offense and defense. If you can get to about the middle of the first round to draft Dre Kirkpatrick or Janoris Jenkins then get a good round 2 receiver like Reuben Randle or Stephen Hill and still have more picks left to play with playmakers like Joe Adams.
What they Will Do – Jags get happy with workouts. Don’t be surprised if they don’t reach for an OT like Donald Stephenson, a DT like Dontari Poe, or a WR like Stephen Hill. I also saw some sites projecting Kendell Wright here. I hope that was a joke.

Tennessee Titans
What they Should Do – Titans have some cap room. I would be bold and try to get Mike Wallace. Why not? You have Kenny Britt coming back and combined with Wallace and Chris Johnson, they could have a scary offense. They need some help on the O and D line so the rest of the draft would be fixing that and replace Cortland Finnegan. Get some vets like Aaron Ross and even Marcus Trufant on the corner for cheap.
What they Will Do – They have a lot of areas where they can improve so they will take the best prospect. D Line is what they need most so they will take the best one. Whitney Mercilus has been projected here. Don’t expect the Titans to do anything exciting because that would be fun.

Denver Broncos
What they Should Do – Broncos are in a world of trouble. Elway and the rest of them don’t buy into Tebow. But he’s the QB right now. You know Tebow can play and play hard so just give in and give Tebow the pieces he needs to succeed. First I’d get a scat back to got with McGahee that can catch out the back field. Tebow’s buddy Chris Rainey will be there in the 3rd round. TE Orson Charles and WR Joe Adams would be good fits in the spread offense. Ryan Broyles would be a steal and a need. And with all that you still have a 1st round pick to use on a corner or a safety.
What they Will Do – They will stock up on defense and leave Tebow high and dry. They will take the highest rated defensive player that is not an outside linebacker. They will shop for a back up for Tebow and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jason Cambell, Chad Henne, or even Rex Grossman. And no, Peyton Manning is not coming to that circus with Tim Tebow stealing all the spotlight.

Kansas City Chiefs
What they Should Do – Get off the Peyton Manning bandwagon because he’s not coming to KC. Use that salary cap to sign Dwayne Bowe and maybe just maybe go after Mario Williams. Also get Kyle Orton back because you know Matt Cassel sucks.
What they Will Do – They will continue to pursue Manning because a long time ago they got Joe Montana and for some reason they think that’s the same thing. They will get a 2-5 round QB that they think will sit behind Manning to get formal training. Other than they they will get some O and D line help.

What they Should Do – Well the damage was done already. They don’t have cap room and they don’t have draft picks. I would pick up some vets you could get for the minimum if they are willing to play for the Raiders. Jericho Cotchery or Plaxico would be a good fit for the Raiders for how much they would cost.
What they Will Do – If Al Davis was still alive he’d sacrifice his son to get Mike Wallace. The Raiders are too strapped for cash to do anything. Don’t expect much other than the Raiders signing their own FA’s that they can afford. Good bye Michael Bush.

San Diego Chargers
What they Should Do – Chargers are in that weird place where they don’t have a good team with old stars. I would get a new offensive and defensive line because both are old and not good. They also need linebackers, corners and receivers. I don’t want to be A.J. Smith right now or ever for that matter.
What they Will Do – Draft Trent Richardson. He’s not going to be good but everyone thinks he will be and the Chargers do need a running game.

Dallas Cowboys
What they Should Do – Everyone and their moms know that the Cowboys need a secondary. Finnegan is out there as well as Carr, but I say what they really need to do is draft Mark Barron if at all possible. It’s high for a safety, especially a strong safety, but this guy could be the next Troy Polamulu. Then you can get your corner. The guy I would be focusing on is Carlos Rodgers or Brandon Carr. Finnegan will get beat playing in Ryan’s system.
What they Will Do – Jerry Jones is still haunted for not drafting Randy Moss all those years ago so he willl draft Janoris Jenkins and pick up Cortland Finnegan. These to guys don’t need to play for the Cowboys. Too much spotlight for two players that get in trouble too much, especially since the ‘Boys don’t have much leadership on the team like in years past.

New York Giants
What they Should Do – The Giants proved that with enough top notch defensive lineman, you can win the Super Bowl. Hell, they did it twice. Unfortunately for them, defensive lineman make a lot of money. Giants are broke and they don’t have much wiggle room to do much. I’d go after a TE in the first round or second round. replace Manningham with an underneath player like Danny Coale or Devier Posey. Oh and sign Chase Blackburn!
What they Will Do – They will draft another DE/OLB in the vain of Mathias Kiwanuka. I’m thinking Chandler Jones, Whitney Mercilus, Zack Brown or who ever will fall to them.

Philadelphia Eagles
What they Should Do – DRAFT A MIDDLE LINEBACKER!!! Kuechly will be there. And if you can do it with little financial repercussions, trade Rodgers-Cromartie and keep Asante Samuels. Rodgers is going to be a late bloomer if he blooms as all and Samuels is better right now. You can get another corner later on that is on the same level as Cromartie in any draft.
What they Will Do – Eagles are gonna draft an offensive lineman. Not that they don’t need to, but the problem last year was the porous defense. Mike Vick can make the O line a lot better if he throw the ball quicker.

Washington Redskins
What they Should Do – Well this is more what they shouldn’t have done. Give up 3 first round picks to move up 4 spots. That is some of the densest, boneheadedness, stupidity I’ve ever seen. Everyone knows that with new QBs mean you are pretty much starting from scratch. QBs don’t really hit their stride until their 3rd year which means you are going to suck for the 1st two. Now the Rams are going to have very high draft picks for 3 years straight. And not only that, you gave away the option to get RGIII help in this years draft. Dan Snyder needs to stop channeling his inner Al Davis and just stand down.
What they Will Do – They already made one of the dumbest moves in football history. They will try to get him some FAs but there aren’t many that will make them better this year. I already feel bad for RG3. Get used to it buddy.

Chicago Bears
What they Should Do – The Bears have a closing window. The D has been good for a long time but they won’t be for long. They need a receiver now. They need a playmaking wide receiver. Not a playmaking kick returner playing receiver but a top notch receiver. Problem is, receivers don’t like Chicago so it will be tough to get FA receivers to come there. I’d take a long look at Brandon Lloyd then get Michael Floyd in the draft. I’d also draft one of those smart over achieving QB’s at the bottom of the draft like Kellen Moore or Casey Keenum.
What they Will Do –  They will go after receivers like Vincent Jackson, Mario Manningham, and other bigger name receivers. Then they will end up like the rest of the so called big name FA receivers the Bears have picked up over the years.

Detroit Lions
What they Should Do – Must be nice to suck for so long and get the best college football players year after year after year (would have been nicer if most of them didn’t suck). Unfortunately for the Lions, they sucked when rookies were expensive and not all that is catching up with them. Suh, Johnson, and Stafford are costing the Lions an arm and a leg. They franchised Avril (I wouldn’t have done) and they need to sign Stephen Tulloch which they most likely can’t do. I’d draft the best corner or linebacker one the board. Don’t have many other options other than trading high paid players.
What they Will Do – Exactly what I just said.

Green Bay Packers
What they Should Do – The Packers were one of the teams in a world of hurt when it came to the salary cap. They made some moves and now they look pretty good as of right now. I’m not going to even suggest that the Packers are going to sign any free agents because they haven’t done so in 5 years. So build through the draft we go. I’d go after a corner if Janoris Jenkins or Dre Kirkpatrick is still there. If not, I’d go go after a linebacker like Zach Brown. Then get one of those speedy, pass catching running backs like LaMichael James, Chris Rainey, or Ronnie Hillman.
What they Will Do – Not much. They fixed some of their salary cap problems and signed some of their guys. They will draft replacements for FAs they didn’t sign like Scott Wells. They’ll also probably draft a DE to help with the pass rush.

Minnesota Vikings
What they Should Do – No matter what the Vikings do they are going to suck. Christian Ponder is going to be nothing more than a mediocre QB at best. I actually would play Joe Webb and turn this offense into a spread offense. Draft Justin Blackmon and put Harvin in the slot. AP knows spread offense. They would be better served going this route. That and a couple of older ball hawking corners to go with that pass rush and you have a 6-10 team as opposed to a 2-14 team.
What they Will Do – They will draft Matt Kalil, not do anything in free agency, and be sorry. Really sorry. Hopefully they don’t treat Ponder like the Panthers treated Jimmy Clausen.

Atlanta Falcons
What they Should Do – Falcons are in a good spot. Saints are screwing with their franchise QB and there is that whole “Bounty thing” that they have going. The Buccs are still a mess. The Panthers will be scary if they get any kind of defense but that is a big if. Falcons don’t have draft good picks or lots of cap space but they do have an intriguing team that good vet FAs will want to come to when needing a team. They need pass rushers and John Abraham will most likely not give them a hometown discount. Andre Carter will be cheap and he’s played 4-3 DE. Ted Ginn would be a good fit here too.
What they Will Do – They’ve made some good moves. Lofa Tatufu is a good fill in (hopefully) at MLB. I think they will try to buy a championship this year and get Braylon Edwards or other high profile, low priced free agents.

Carolina Panthers
What they Should Do – One thing the Panthers need is defense. They will draft the best none linebacker they can get. Problem is, there is no great defense player at the number 9 pick. There are a lot of corners and safeties available in free agency. I’d make a push for LaRon Landry. He’d bring a toughness to this D that they need. Then they can make a run at a second tier vet corner like Carlos Rogers or Marcus Trufant.
What they Will Do – They will draft Dontari Poe and realize that he’s the 2nd coming of Albert Hanyesworth.

New Orleans Saints
What they Should Do – They should stop dicking aroung with their franchise QB. Fucking pay Drew Brees already. Aside from the Bounty crap that’s going on that will most likely rack draft picks away, they don’t have much salary cap room and since they are messing with Brees they will loss Robert Meachem and Carl Nicks. Draft Alshon Jeffery in the 2nd round (if that pick is not taken away) and pick up Steve Hutchinson to replace Nicks.
What they Will Do – This team is so shell shocked that I don’t think they will do anything as far as other FAs until the last minute, not to mention that no FA would want to touch this franchise with a ten foot pole. They are lucky to get Marques Colston back even though Drew Brees probably won’t be throwing him the ball until late August.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
What they Should Do – Buccs were a good team in in 2010 when they snuck up on people. Teams figured them out and they got exposed because they lacked structure. Lacking structure means they lacked veteran leadership. Who would be a good leader for this team as well as a playmaker? Mario Williams. He’s not a need, but Giants didn’t need JPP and look what that got them. Get some WR help with Plaxico if he’ll come or maybe Steve Smith and draft Morris Claiborne and you’ll be pretty good again
What they Will Do – They aren’t gonna be “Yungry” this year but I don’t see them bringing in any veteran players anytime soon. I got the sinking suspicion that TO will end up here before the end of the season.

Arizona Cardinals
What they Should Do – Can’t think of a better fit for Manning than here. You got Fitzgerald, Breaston, a good D. What more can a 36 year old with a bad neck ask for? They don’t have the cap space for all his buddies like the other teams that want him but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wayne, and Clark ended up here as well.
What they Will Do – I think Manning ends up here. They just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Must be nice is what 31 other teams will be thinking IF Manning is right. If he’s not, then they’ll be laughing like crazy.

St. Louis Rams
What they Should Do – Talk about right place right time. Rams played the Redskins like a fiddle and possible got 3 extra top 10 picks. Problem with this year’s draft is that what the Rams need might not fall to them at the #6 pick. I’d take my new earning and trade up to ensure drafting Morris Claiborne. This is the biggest need. There are still decent receivers later in the draft so they can get depth which they need and a good corner is better than a great receiver anyday.
What they Will Do – They’ll draft either Michael Floyd or Justin Blackmon unless some team is too stupid to not to draft Claiborne before #6.

San Francisco 49ers
What they Should Do – Well they signed Randy Moss which I think may be the wrong move. This team has enough diva receivers but at least the 49ers know that he’s good. Since they filled a need at receiver, they can focus their draft on defense. While not a top pick, The 9ers really should get Jared Crick out of Nebraska. I’d reach on a second rounder for him because he could be the air apparent to Justin Smith. Also, bring back Carlos Rogers and stop dicking around with him please.
What they Will Do – 49ers think outside the box so they are pretty unpredictable. Didn’t know they were going after Moss, didn’t know they would resign Ahmad Brooks, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they went after Cortland Finnegan.

Seattle Seahawks
What they Should Do – Everything about this Seahawk team is average. There is no player the is better than above average and they don’t have any starters at any position that are really below average. One thing they are lacking is a playmaker. Yea, yea, you have Skittles but he’s not spectacular minus that one play against the Saints. I say trade up in the draft and get an elite pass rusher (Couples), a shutdown corner (Claiborne), or a big time receiver (Floyd or Blackmon).
What they Will Do – I think Seattle will draft Trent Richardson. He’ll still be on the board and he’ll be the “best” prospect available. Seahawk fans will remember the good ol’ days (literally days) of Shawn Alexander and the two backs could not be more similar.

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